Which I do when I need to open my heart in order to generate the kind of energy that attracts opportunity. Right now, for example, I need to find work and ways to make some money, or to do what I love, or to meet the people who can help dreams come true, etc.

It is important to practice Kriya for minimum forty days.

Here we are.
To begin, tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3x

1)      Spinal Flexes.  Sit on the heels, flex the spine forward while mentally inhaling Sat (concentrating at the 1st vertebra) and flex backward, exhaling Nam (concentrating on the 4th vertebra). 2-3 mins.

To end: Inhale, pull Mulbhand, exhale, pull mulband and hold 10 seconds. Repeat 3x.

2)      Body Drops. Sit with legs stretched out in front. Put hands on floor by the hips. Lift the body (and heels if possible) off the floor and let it drop rapidly 2-3 mins.

3)      Kundalini Crow Pose. With feet a little wider than hips width apart, squat between the feet and extend arms straight out in front, fingers interlaced, forefingers extended, pointing out to infinity before the heart. Hold with breath of fire for 2-3 mins.

To end: Inhale, hold, project out from heart center, exhale.

4)      Running in Place. Run vigorously, pulling knees up high, with a good punching motion for 3-5 mins.

5)      Kundalini Lotus. Balance on the buttocks and, holding onto big toes if possible, extend legs to a V. Keep back, legs, and arms straight best you can. Hold with breath of fire 2-3 mins.

To end: Inhale, hold, draw energy up the spine, exhale.

6)      TREA KRIYA: Sit on the left heel with the right foot on the left thigh, hands cupped below the navel, lift up the diaphragm and chant Ong so hung (God, I am thou) strongly from the heart, and hear the sound at the heart. Time unspecified. I usually do 2-3 mins.

7)      Arms out parallel. In Easy Pose, arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground, palms up, concentrate on the energy coming in the left palm and going out the right, forming a powerful arch between the hands, with Breath of Fire for 2-3 mins.

To end: Inhale, hold, feely the energy continue to enter the left palm, course through the shoulders, leave the right palm, and arch overhead. Exhale and relax.

8)      Bowing to the infinite. In Easy pose, hands in venus lock (interlaced) behind the neck, exhale and bring your forehead to the floor, silently chanting Sat, and inhale arise, silently chanting nam, 2-3 mins.

9)      Arm Lifts. Extend the arms straight out in front, palms down. Raise alternate arms from parallel to 60 degrees, inhaling as the right arm goes up and exhaling as it comes down, almost a breath of fire, 2-3 mins.

To end: Arms together at level of 3rd eye, inhale, hold, project out from 3rd eye to infinity. Exhale and relax.


a)      Hands in Venus Lock 4 inches about the head, palms down, focus the eyes up and out of the crown chakra and hold with breath of fire, 2-3 mins.

b)      Keep hands where they are, but point the index fingers straight up, continuing to focus out the crown chakra. Hold with long deep breathing, 2-3 mins.

c)       Without lowering the hands, place the fingertips together with the palms apart (like a teepee), and continue to project in and up, with Breath of Fire 2-3 mins.

11)   Green Energy Production. Arms at sides, bend forearms up, palms flat and faced forward, comfortably relaxed, visualizing green energy, chant from the heart, feeling a slight pull at the navel: Hari Hari Hari Har for 2-11 mins.

To end: Inhale, exhale, and relax in Gyan Mudra. Meditate and think of all the things you can be grateful for, sitting in a shower of energy coming to you. Love every breath that comes, and love all things, known and unknown.

Comments: This set attracts opportunities and opens up the Heart Center. It allows one to approach prosperity from the Heart Center consciousness or plane of attraction. This consciousness can be summarized as follows: “The more I open myself, the more I can attract. I don’t need to struggle. I have the ability to attract opportunities.”
Start realizing that opportunities and prosperity can come in different forms than you have previously imagined. Believe that you deserve prosperity, and that God loves you.

Taken from Introduction to Kundalini Yoga: with the Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations of Yogi Bhajan, by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. and Ann Marie Maxwell.