Fogo Sagrado is an effective work. It is performed by two therapists. In this work, the person feels recognized deep in his soul, and can integrate the acquired insights into his life and begin to live its true potential.

It helps to:

  • Let go of negativity
  • Dissolve energetic blocks behind stagnant and problematic situations
  • Dissolve family system blockages
  • Clear Past life blockages
  • Clear Traumatic life experiences
  • Dissolve old patterns
  • Discover and embrace your dark sides
  • Clear unpleasant experiences
  • Solve problems at work
  • Understand psychological causes of disease
  • Find out and free your unlived potential
  • Clarify entities
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Find your destiny and place in life

Fogo Sagrado has the goal to quickly and effectively discover blocking imprints and transform them.  Through Fogo Sagrado, we are able to intuitively recognize the structure of your issues.   Through language and expression, we will mirror the underlying root conflicts and patterns, that you present.   Then there can be a process of discovery, by watching the inner processes and experiencing how blockages can be transformed into solutions.


Fogo Sagrado (“Sacred Fire”) originated hundreds of years ago from the Shamans of Amazon Indians.  Aloysio Delgado Nascimento, a Brazilian pharmacist and shaman, dedicated his life to exploring this work, developing it and making it accessible to the Western world.   His student, Monica Olivera, and her partner, Emani Forman, brought this knowledge to Europe and thus to us.

Private sessions

A private session of Fogo Sagrado consists of three phases and yet is not compelled to follow any rigid sequence. From our experience, Fogo Sagrado allows us to respond individually to each person.

First Phase:  Explanation of this work and reading the energy field
In this phase, we enter a sacred, healing space.  We open ourselves to spiritual guidance and a higher consciousness.  We read our first impressions from the energy field of the client in front of us and describe how we see the affects on the client’s life.  Then we define together which topics we would like to focus and work on.

Second Phase:  Cleaning the Energy Field
The topic, that we would like to work on, will be expressed from one of us, like a channel opening in the body and voice.  The other one gives to the energy body and guides it to healing.  The client can see their own energy blocks from the outside in this process and it can lead to a deeply transformative experience.

Third Phase:  The Light Body and Mantra
The newly liberated energy expresses itself as a body of light, which is felt by all of us.  We return a healed “energy body” back to the client and we offer homework in the form of a mantra, meditation or yoga exercises, so that this new liberated energy can be integrated.