Fogo Sagrado (Sacred Fire Ritual) has it’s origins in the ancient shamanic  traditions of the Amazonian Indians.

FIt was the life-long mission of Aloysio Delgado Nascimento to research this work, to develop it and to make it accesible for the Western world.

Fogo Sagrado is the future of modern psychotherapy – it is a healing therapeutic practice which recognises the vital role of a more holisitc approach to human development, one which adresses not only the physical and psychoogical aspects of our existence but also the spiritual dimension.

This approach provides practiioners and particpants with a potent and powerful tool to get to the very root of blockages in our energy-field.
Often after just one session, the underlying issues which lie at the heart of our inner conflcits and disease can be revealed and resolved.

This training has been developed for therapists, yoga teachers, and all those whose work involves healing and human transformation.

Training modules:

  • Aura reading/Developing Intuition
  • Working with Light entities
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Clearing alien/toxic energies
  • Working with spiritual trauma
  • Regression work
  • Family systems work
  • Remote healing/energy transfer
  • Supervised treatments for invited guests (of your choice)
  • Initiation ritual marking the completion of the training
  • Personal development and… lots of fun!

The training is held in the sacred dragon country of Elisa, on the island of Tenerife. This part of the world has a highly transformative energy and is very supportive for our process.
It is situated directly on the coast and is the entry point to an ecological nature reserve which contains traces of an ancient local culture.


“The Fogo Sagrado Training in Tenerife has changed me a lot, it took my fear away and given me hope. The time has been incredibly intense and healing and loving, gentle and easy. Nobody had to pretend with all they bring along. I feel empowered to go my own way and help others as well as myself to heal. I am excited and I would recommand anyone who feels the call, to work with Fogo Sagrado and this team”.
Feedback from a participant.