Stefanie Sohang Kaur Braun and Natascha Majholi Serke both have the gift of being able to read the Human energy-field as well as emotions; part of their work  is to reflect these back and to explain them. If there are blockages, they can be transformed into strengths and new possibilities.


Stefanie Sohang Kaur Braun is Kundalini Yoga teacher since over 10 years. She gives Fogo Sagrado sessions and trainings. She is leading workshops for women worldwide and created her own ayurvedic cooking- events.
Stefanie Sohung Kaur Braun is married and mother of a son. She lives in India and Germany.



Natascha Majholi Serke studied over 25 years meditation in India. She facilitated many Healing processes and Trainings. She gives Fogo Sagrado and counseling sessions. She loves everything concerning beauty and works also in fashion and interior design. She is mother of a son